Loop Through Objects

Looping through objects can be a pain, until you know what you’re doing. First thing...

4 minute read

Salt Stack - salt-key-accepter

During my adventures with Salt Stack, I wanted to accept keys automatically on the master....

1 minute read

Internet Famous

SaltStack - Google+ - SaltStack support for #OSX and #Windows doesn’t always get much attention,...

1 minute read

POSH - Sig

Geeky signature line I stumbled across and modified for myself … [string](0..9|%{[char][int](32+("54698284737179506589").substring(($_*2),2))})-replace "\s{1}\b"

1 minute read

GPO - Not Applying User Policy

We spent the day working on an issue where our User Policy wasn’t being applied...

3 minute read