Final Touches

It’s been pretty difficult to stay motivated to get things done in this course. Since I moved back to Ecuador and have been trying to prioritize my family in this weird era, I’ve felt strangely torn on committing as much time to my scholastics. I’ve been trying to not stay up until 4 am, and I’ve been enjoying cuddling with my wife instead. This has caused me to put off work on the course for “one more day” many times. Now, I’m down to the wire, turning things in late, and feeling like I’ve let my review partner down.

To be real honest, my review partner has about an hour of content on her course. I expressed my concerns  about this in her design document, and I expressed the same concerns when she gave me access to her course. However, I haven’t seen much change, and to be honest, I felt like I was trying too hard on my course, which was a real motivation killer as well.

Enough of the moping though, I’ve really just got to record one more video, get it posted and record my final presentation. I’ll definitely meet the completion time, but I really just hope I meet the standards that are expected.

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