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My initial development of my course is a little behind schedule. I hate making excuses, but it’s simply because of me moving internationally. I’m working diligently to get caught back up though, and I’ll be focusing on getting content done more than getting all the detail I wanted into each module.

The technology issues that I’ve faced were being without good internet for a couple of weeks after my move. I’ve taken for granted my gigabit internet in Texas, and I struggled the last couple of weeks with constant internet outages and slow connections. Now that I have fiber installed again, things have been a bit smoother. The only people issues that I’ve faced have been trying to keep my toddlers entertained throughout the day while working, and then working on this course in the evenings. Next time I move, I’m definitely going to schedule my internet installs to be done the day I’m moving in.

My experience as a programmer has made the content creation for this course come easy. I’ve got a fairly good grasp of the struggles of getting things setup in the IT world, and although I still have issues, I’ve been able to help students time-manage by encouraging them to read-on while they wait on processes to complete.

Because I am impatient, I have a tendency to just plow into a project. This project has emphasized the importance of creating a true project outline/storyboard in order to make the pieces flow more smoothly and make the overall course more cohesive.

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