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So far, I have most of the training modules of the course complete. Left on my to-do list are the a few more write-ups, and editing my training videos. I will then add-in the quizzes and discussions. Finally, I need to add some rubrics for each section. I believe most of the rubrics will be the same, but some customizations will definitely need to be made.

Challenges I am facing continue to be finding a nice, quiet place to work. This course creation is time-consuming, especially when it is not your day job! As I have mentioned before, I cannot make life stop for my classwork. I’ve moved internationally, and have gotten my kids setup in their online schools. Coursework for them is time-consuming and seemingly never-ending. When the kids were able to leave for school during the day, I seemed to have more energy. Now that everyone is in the same house, I find myself exhausted at the end of the day and struggling to make time to work on my assignments. My strategy this coming week will include taking a “personal day” off work to catch up on this project. I honestly would rather save personal days for sunshine days, but I keep telling myself that this will all be worth it, in the end!

At this point, I think I am on track to be able to complete the project on time. I just have to keep piecing it together, finding inspiration as I observe teachers and students during the day, and applying it to the project at night. This has become my strategy of implementation and evaluation. I am also hoping for some valuable peer feedback as I work on completion of the project in the coming weeks.

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