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Work on this has been slow the past week because of been consumed by other life obligations. However, thanks to the feedback received from my peers, those are mostly past, and I’m able to re-focus on moving forward with this project and have been catching up nicely.

Feedback Received

FeedbackSo far, the feedback received from my peers have been productive.  The main element of the feedback from my first 1/4 was that I should integrate learner collaboration. The truth is, I’ve planned for very little collaboration, and this will take some effort to think through. I’ll definitely be thinking through that in the coming weeks. I do think it will be a good idea, and I think the best course of action will be to allow collaborative assignment work and encourage discussions of coding assignments in the forum. I’ve given hints in the assignment itself. Maybe moving that to a discussion topic would help start open discussions.

Professional Timeline

Given that many standard corporate ID projects last about 3 weeks and this is week 8 of the session, I do not feel particularly confident about working on a professional timeline. However, I do feel that I have a few excuses for this logic. I work full-time for UNT, and I’ve been swamped with planning and implementation as we’ve tightened budgets and ensured productivity and support. It’s very common for my work to extend outside of my 40-hour work week and into my family-time. Adding this coursework on top of the pile has been an additional challenge.

I feel fairly confident that if I actually had 40 hours per week to devote to ID projects, a 3 week timeframe might seem much more realistic. As it currently stands, I have crammed about 1/2 those hours into this past weekend, when I luckily had the ideal conditions for recording audio as part of my tutorials.

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