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In theory, I’ve completed half of my course. The reality is, I’m not sure how accurate that statement might be. I was focused on filling out the content of my first module, which I completed. I then saw my peer’s course look like it was done, but he had filled out the skeleton of the course. I like the illusion of more being done, so I followed suit. I have created the “skeleton”, or framework of the course as well. However, as I think about what still needs to be done, it’s a lot more than just a filling in content for students to read. Time -management is going to be crucial as I enter into the following weeks. I’ll be hoping to get modules filled at the rate of completing one module per day for the next week … we’ll see how goes things.

How Goes

Hurry! There is not a moment to lose.

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I spent considerable time trying to determine how to determine how to pull assignments out of Canvas via the API. Part of my design is to pull the PowerShell submitted assignments and automatically grade them, but that’s going to be a significant effort that I will add to the “I hope to” portion of the overall design.

I have seen the need to adjust my design a bit due to the structure of the LMS. I’ve never made a course online, and I’m playing with how I should structure everything so that it flows well, and doesn’t cause confusion. I want everything to be consistent, well-written, and engaging.

In the meantime, what you see is not exactly what is done. My obsessive nature will pull me towards perfectionism that will not allow me to settle until things are how I envision them. How goes the next few weeks will rely on my ability to manage my time successfully. This is been my cross to bear, and it costs me considerable time during the implementation of detailed projects such as this one.

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