Course Development Has Begun

I’m taking LTEC 5510 as part of my LTEC Master’s program. The course description says it may include 3D immersive environments, but that’s not actually an option in this course. The course requires us to use Canvas, and that’s not really a bad thing due to the amount of work  actually required to build a course. I’ve decided to work on an Introduction to PowerShell for IT Professionals course, and development has begun in Canvas.

As I’m getting started, I find myself in somewhat of a state of uncertainty. In the past, we’ve been provided with examples of previous students have created. While there was a design document provided, I found that it didn’t meet the requirements of  the rubric for both this course and LTEC 5210; which I took with Dr. Scott Warren. Examples are nice because I find i can usually exceed the expectations provided in the example. The only thing I have to go on is the design of this the course I’m attending, which is consistent with the rest of the LTEC courses that I’ve taken.

In absence of an example, I thought I’d look for a rubric that would help guide my creation process. I was surprised to find that I could not discover one in the Canvas course. As such, I’m just going off the guidelines of each module and hoping I meet the standards of the module.

Development Has Begun

Overall, I like that the design is pretty simple. It has not taken me much effort to learn how to do things in Canvas. I’m not a teacher by trade, and I’ve never created an in-person or online course. It’s a far more strenuous process than I ever anticipated, but there is some pleasure in the simple act of creation.

Likewise, I find myself challenged by the creation of written content. Luckily, it’s just the first week, but creating the historical background for PowerShell, with references, has been an arduous process. No less work than a proper essay would be. As development has begun, I find myself enjoying the process of creation. I am also unsure of my direction since I’ve not received feedback about my design document from my professor yet; except the draft which I was told the over-all direction looked good.

As a user of Canvas, I’ve realized some of the things I like and dislike about doing student work in the system. Most of it is not the fault of Instructure developers; Canvas is just a framework for making courses. As such, I’ve decided to focus on some of those pieces, and attempt to design a better laid out course.


I find the timing of this post to be a bit odd. It’s not feasible to expect the courses to be available to peer reviewers today, and also post a blog about the feed back you’ve given and received. I’ve yet to give any feedback because I’ve not seen myself added to my peer reviewer’s courses. I’ve yet to receive any feedback as well. My design has received laudatory remarks from my peers, so I’m pushing forward with it.

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