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I started this course late because I’m completing an incomplete from Fall 2019. Since the start of my semester, less than a week ago, I’ve done two weeks of work as I work diligently to catch up. I’m still trying to work out reviews for my Design Document, but just working on the timeline gave me a lot of self-insight that I wanted to post a reaction to while it was still fresh in my mind. I’ll post updates to this article with reactions to the reviews done my my peers as I get them. Mostly I’ll just discuss my design document revisions in this post.

I originally just re-worked my course design document from last year. It was a very detailed design based on the cross-training needs for supporting just one of many of our positions, the Windows Server Manager. I did a very rushed timeline and my professor told me it wasn’t the quality of work expected from a masters student. Looking at it again, I had to agree with her, but I was dreading going through the project management portion of this project.

With that in mind, I started detailing the pieces needed to make plan the project and stay on task and get things done on-time. The problem is that I have extensive knowledge in this area, and I was realizing, very quickly that I had bitten off way more than I could chew. Not that I couldn’t do it all, but getting it done in the short 16-week semester that I started four weeks late and am still two weeks behind … maybe I should do some re-thinking.

Final Design Document

I did a lot of re-thinking and opted to re-do the entire document. Now I’m doing an programming course introducing PowerShell for IT Professionals. I believe it will be a far superior course with a much wider audience range than just our team. I did the timeline, and although it will be strenuous, I do believe that is manageable. I’m very glad I went into more detail with the timeline, and I appreciate my professor for challenging me to do the work she knew I was capable of.

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