iPhone - Signature per Account

2013, Jul 15    

I have previously posted about how I have an iPhone and love it, except for the fact that it’s very user friendly. What do I mean? I’m more of a technical user. The fact that the iPhone is so easy to use, makes it hard to do slightly more technical stuff. Some trivial email things that frustrate me:

  • No Custom Email Signatures per Account success Solved!
  • No integrated Exchange Task Sync success Solved!
  • Inability to Send As another email account, on the fly. success Solved!

I previously blogged about how iOS didn’t allow custom signatures per e-mail account. Seems that it only took Apple 7 major revisions of their OS to include this as a feature.It came up as a topic cause I’m still using an iPhone 4 (which was a gift) running iOS 6.  Told my friend I wouldn’t buy another iOS device and cited this issue as a humerus reason.

“If iOS could give me a signature line per account, I wouldn’t need to switch to Android,” I said.

This was the response: